swedish summer.

new track from coworker ingrid's boyfriend. 
killin' it.

"tanto" by kolmården (djurriket records)


ann demeulemeester: spring summer 2012.

next this summer, i want to look like a gypsy prince caravaning across the sahara.

all photos from style.com.
go here for full coverage.


when fashion meets brazilian hustlers. luv it.

art director: nicola formichetti
director: branislav jankic
mugler for men campaign

see the uncensored director's cut here.


what was that, miss granger?

whoa. emma watson. turns. it. out.

vogue july 2011
editorial: "emma watson's new day"
article by amanda foreman
photographed by mario testino



moments of tortured feet.

yesterday morning, got to the peter som lookbook shoot at 8am. 
styled by havana laffitte (contributor to teen vogue and i-D).
shot in 2 stops brighter studio by chiun-kai shih (condé nast photographer). 

started the day with a vogue run-through with sessilee (supreme), jade (one models), and our fit girl, lydia (ford). spent the subsequent seven hours dressing and undressing lydia at breakneck speeds, cramming her feet into seven-inch charlotte olympia platforms (two sizes too small), and throwing her out in front of a white backdrop, trussed up with clamps and safety pins. 

then, rushed to soho and worked a half-shift at allsaints. 15-hour days, spent almost entirely on your feet, suck. so this is the glam life. swollen feet, so fashion. 

today, another shift at allsaints.


all i got is a busted gap bag.

now that i've got a gig working as an assistant at patricia field...
perhaps it's time to shop for a new rucksack. 

...maybe one by makr?

canvas and leather rucksack makr carry goods


harder, faster; forties and chill.

scored another interview at patricia field, this time in the corporate offices—apparently the last girl i talked to, rachel, forwarded my resume. cha-ching. 

between working shifts at allsaints all memorial weekend, camilla's roof party in alphabet city (where i got so crossfaded, i walked all the way to union square on a slant), and marisa's birthday in williamsburg (where the landlord got drunk, flipped shit, called the cops and got himself hauled out in handcuffs)...

...i made myself a necklace.

teeshirt polo (diy) - necklace michael huang - soda s. pellegrino limonata


summer! finally here! (sorta)

for some odd reason, friendly fire's "paris" has become a perennial summer staple for me. 

from chris the rapper's mixtape, value pack 2: cream & sugar.


so this is saturday.

after working a full shift at allsaints, went home, ordered latkes and matzoh ball soup from local diner, and watched the mummy returns alone and sober. so lame, so semi-refreshing.

  Foster The People - Houdini (RAC Mix) by RAC

sidenote: can't stop listening to 'houdini' by foster the people, remixed by RAC.


rain, rain, go fuck yourself.

it's been pretty gross in new york for the last week, tons of rain and thunderstorms and things of that nature. today, the sun finally decided to peek out, at least for a little while, enabling some good ole gallery hopping in chelsea. split a falafel wrap at chelsea piers waterfront with alexin, stumbled upon an exhibit of kate moss photographs (!), got drunk on gallery wine and free vodka cranberries, snagged rahel, coca-cola disguised as tecate, pretentious abstract opening, quest for public restrooms.

met up with moses, rahel and alexin arrive with beers, red wine, getting crunk to south park, america's next top model, and a whole slew of oxygen's snapped: cheating hearts. quality programming at its best.

sidenote: i finished those python shorts.

fedora del monico - camo jacket gap kids - chambray shirt, boots allsaints - henley trovatapython shorts, leather bracelet michael huang - messenger bag gap


spin machine.

as much as i bitch about working retail at allsaints, i'll concede...they spin some killer tunes. 
can't get this off repeat: 'crayon box' by virgo four.
from allsaints' latest basement session.


serendipitous encounters in the garment district

spent yesterday morning rendering platform shoes for peter som spring 2012 charlotte olympia collab. met up with loren in the afternoon while running errands: dropped off a guipure skirt (for ms. obama) at factory for hemming, quality control on marbled silk tank top, indiscriminate linen swatches at mood. followed by allsaints shift.

fedora del monico - sunglasses rayban - cardigan, boots allsaints - teeshirt polo
shorts bdg (diy) - clutch jenni kayne - belt american eagle


a week, in retrospect.

considering adding 'able to size and arrange hangers artistically while blindfolded' to my resume after working four days of close. impromptu rooftop party at nadja's on tuesday, beers, wine, and cigarettes interspersed with improv games involving midgets and the dentist office. spent the weekend in south carolina watching my little brother graduate from college, getting drunk with my family, and pretending that i wasn't being blinded by the country-club whiteness of furman university.

fedora del monico - camo jacket gap kids - polo, shorts, boots allsaints
fedora del monico - chambray shirt, shorts, boots allsaints - teeshirt michael huang


the revival of midnight strolls and afternoon rooftops.

working close stands no hindrance to three-day disaster-chillin' marathon. halves cause trouble, 3am arrival at jonno and jordan's party on friday night, investments for the week, too much whiskey, stumbling departure, front car of the J train at 5am with moses. 

on saturday, got out too late for the recession art show, regrouped at boat. forties in the living room, black cab catastrophe, impulsive 3am stroll to the promenade, forties on the promenade. denied at 24-hour mcdonalds, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and hijacked cranberry muffins.

today: sewing, project runway marathon, hanging out on the rooftop; boontown, waste of space.

plaid shirt vintage - striped henley weekday - shorts allsaints - boots allsaints

images taken and edited by style-blogger, moses munro (www.mosesmunro.com)


can of worms, bomb diggity.

spinning wheels, quagmired in mud, frustration. manic applications, cold calls, craigslist ads. finally meeting sales quotas, going uniform shopping before shift tomorrow, working til closing through wednesday. second round patricia field interview on tuesday. 

today, caught in the rain.

fedora del monico - shredded tee michael huang - chambray shirt, shorts, boots allsaints


it's 3am, i must be lonely.

spring has arrived (?) and things couldn't be finer: survived first week at allsaints with no permanent injuries, minus sore feet; saw new broadway show, jerusalem (actually phenomenal); created 60 colorway options for new tommy hilfiger swimsuits and rugbies; finished peter som shoe press kit (hopefully?); drafted patterns and started handsewing python gymshorts. 

fourteen-hour days aren't so bad when there are prospects of taking over a rooftop bar at the laquinta inn, k-town. snuck in beers, got called out for sneaking in beers, rahel and jay at greeley square, wrong hotel, clearing out the joint, korean food on subway platform, meaningful conversations about non-places with nadja on the 2. shit just gets better and better.

fedora del monico - jacket gap kids - teeshirt weekday - shorts allsaints
class ring - ring sakdidet road - messenger bag gap - boots allsaints


speedbumps, full steam.

didn't get the rag & bone gig, so the hunt continues. today, reorganized portfolio (michael-huang.see.me), compiled rolodex for cold calls. new interns at som tomorrow, hopefully the weather's nice enough for shorts again.

coat banana republic - henley weekday - shorts allsaints - boots allsaints